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First V
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In the cycle of days we almost forgot that this year we had reached our five years! Yes, we have a milestone in our still young history. However, we don't remember the exact date of the creation of our duet, because it happened somehow by itself. Yes it is not principal. Much more important is that we're still together and, just as before, not boring in the company of each other. Over the years much have changed of course, but one thing has remained in the same direction - the desire for creativity never runs dry.

Five years ago we bought our first digital camera - one for two. Before this we had film camera, but soon we realized that such frames cannot be fit into our rhythm of studying photography. And we started to learn, trying, mistaking, analyzing, looking at the masters. There was many during this time: funny and sad, easy and hard... Much time has passed on the understanding, knowledge, finding solutions. And all intertwined: personal life, relationships, hobby, creativity... It is worth noting that if not the assistance, support and patience of our friends - ilyast, serg_degtyarev, sergeylouks, alexdarkside, serganch, turukhano - we would not reached many.
It isn't time to summarize. No need. Life goes on, time goes on, the search is not completed. Only now we immerse into it like never before, but in a completely different way. Now we got new hopes, interests, new questions and unexpected answers. Now the passion for photography has ceased to be an end in itself, but it helps us to do other discoveries, to see new horizons, leads us to unexpected conclusions and understanding of reality. Craving for creativity opened the door to a world of fresh ideas and feelings. We're marching to meet them :)

And on this occasion we decided to remind everyone who does not yet know, that our artworks are always ready to decorate your interior: apartment, house or office, any surface that needs to the fine arts by your opinion.

Specifically for this post we have selected a few dozen of our photographs, which are our pride, certain stages of the five-year history. For us all our works are like children, so to choose them was incredibly difficult, but at the same time - easy. Difficult because we have a lot, and we love them all indeed, in every is soul, and often two. And easy because there are special: those which forever remained in memory, that does not require estimates or words, that we both chose without a doubt. All this is our history in pictures. And, if you are interested in our arts, you can see more of our photos, not sorted for this serie, but no less loved. You will find them on our pages.

And we have done the website It's modest while, little, but already with the address and the name. Now is website-businesscard. But who knows what will happen soon :)

So, welcome to our gallery!..

1. Riga from the Ferris wheel (Latvia)

2. Angelic city (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

3. Autograph (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

4. Sun catcher (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

5. Rusty sunrise (Brugge, Belgium)

6. Heart of the city (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

7. Neva. January (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

8. Farewell dance (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

9. Hot granite (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

10. Spring Winter (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

11. Above the Nevsky (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

12. Golden blues (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

13. Granite geometry (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

14. Into the calm (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

15. Unforgettable sunrise (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

16. Kazan Cathedral in the 'white' midnight (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

17. Singer House at rush-hour (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

18. Lomonosova (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

19. Nevsky vs. Sadovaya (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

20. Peterhof: end of season (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

21. Duo (Civita di Bagnoreggio, Italy)

22. Flock of bird (Tuscany, Italy)

23. Neighbours (Tuscany, Italy)

24. Vyborg before the dawn (Russia)

25. Above the Nevsky III (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

26. Regular viewers (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

27. Mysticism place (Prague, Czech Republic)

28. Luminary (Prague, Czech Republic)

29. The fallen veil (Saxon Switzerland, Germany)

30. The Palace Squares (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

31. Gentle granite II (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

32. Spring from roofs (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

33. At rush hour over the Fontanka river (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

34. Admiralty helix (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

35. Intimate life (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

36. Hunt! (Basque country)

37. How to train the Dragon (Basque country)

38. Valaam zen (Karelia, Russia)

39. In... under... above... (Crimea)

40. At the level of the horizon (Crimea)

41. Sun Temple (Crimea)

42. Sun Temple II (Crimea)


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