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The desire to write this brief history arose solely because of the uniqueness of the occurrence. Moreover, this surprising phenomenon has provoked important conclusions in the perception of the world of the person most close to me.
In mid-March 2015 the event of a planetary scale occurred - rare in their intensity and strength solar flares. As a result, very many inhabitants of the Earth have seen the Auroral for the first time in their life. And they didn't even need to leave the house. North Aurora sparkled in millions of prying eyes. The scale and power of the phenomenon were truly stunning.

But one man, whom I know better than anyone, did not become the witness. And this despite the fact that he's a photographer. And he had long wanted at least to see this celestial show, not mention to its capture. Moreover, as they say, it comes all to his hands, could not wish better: all that he needed was to walk out the door. And he enthusiastically fostered such an approach in any indecisive situation. But reasons arose even for him, though he flatly chuckling over it when heard someone really wants, but...
And here he sits at home: exhausted, tired, sleepy and not even feels angry, because he knows already that right now a good few of the planet is covered with a rare lightshow - something he never seen before! And he was informed, asked out and even persuaded to go - just hour and a half by suburban electric train. And now they, the lucky ones, phone him, and he hears heart-rending cries of indescribable ecstasy that tore his heart, because the only thing he sees in turn - his own stupidity. Hitherto unheard incoming messages, in which people pour out their ecstasy, not holding back the storm of emotions, add fuel to the flames. Here's one of my friends leans out of his apartment's window and shoots a green glow at half of the night sky, uploads to the Internet. And so do hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people. And this wave reaches almost to the Crimea. But our character is sitting in the “Northern capital of Russia” and his eyes do not see any Northern lights. With a devastated soul, unable to crawl into bed – the only place where he now wants to reach and burrow. He has no emotions, other desires, because he sincerely tried his best to make tomorrow's plans coincided with today's opportunity. But reasons have appeared. Well yes, the Aurora force in 9 out of 10 points in our latitudes is more often than yearly ice drift - subsequently he will speak ironically. Anyway, not to find out normal landscape to a decent photo with the Aurora - hears he more than once from his “colleagues”. And so on and so forth. That's just he don't mind what people say. The only thing that doesn't give him peace - own hesitation, “thanks” to which the heart is torn, and his face hardened.

However, there comes a morning, a new beautiful dawn with icedrift (decisive argument in yesterday's internal debate) is recorded on a flash drive. Yesterday's experience is now visible from the outside. Conclusions are made. Day reels before my eyes, there are still lots of pictures with night phenomenon, as well as the news that Aurora happens again probably – however the chances are much more modest than previous and intensity is not the same. But none of that has any significant value. And tonight instead of definite and logical reasons arises an unconventional and unexpected opportunity, as well as a couple of not indifferent guys in the appendage. The Samaritans nation once again emerges from the shadows and gains distinguishable features – Misha takes 2 photographers into his car, whom sees for the first time, and wend their way to the Ladoga lake. During the way they hold a conversation about the Northern lights, photography and accompanying stories in the cabin. And at the back seat – he, our “hero”: works his job all the way and only at the end of the road connects to reality.

On a dusty and dirty evaporating ice of Ladoga is mostly sad. Overhead there are no cherished flaming auroras. But wait, this could be a glimmer of hope. When eyes adjust to the darkness, they begin to detect a faint grayish silvery first visible glow over the horizon. Hard to believe that this is nothing but the echoes of what these 3 guys are waiting  with impatience. And here flew first immodest exclamations along the coast in the night - the camera on the shutter speed of 30 seconds clearly shows that somewhere out there is a greenish glow. Even this weak radiance, could be anything but glow, is enough to instantly ignite the extinct hearts. Now for about 5 hours in a row they will be glad to go, to seek, to capture with their cameras and to chat excitedly in spite of the cold, dirt, troublous crunch of ice. Their patience and perseverance are not in vain - some really bright moments all the same happens. Moments with a capital letter, real Moments: clear, juicy, showy, captivating and even casting a spell over. May be not much, may be not such as yesterday and certainly not such as occur in Murmansk or at Alaska, but only 2 hours away from home 3 new people, 3 pinched by cold but happy guys, met with their dream today.

And among them he is - the one who just yesterday wanted to vanish into thin air. Here he is, now goes back in a cosy car, countenance brightened into smile: eyes twinkle, contented look, beam of satisfaction. He couldn't even realize what a magic it is - the Aurora Borealis. Before tonight, he had seen similar only in pixels, but now has arrived the historic moment. Soon he will come home, sit in the dark in front of a glowing monitor and hastily transfer sweetgreen pictures to the PC - his own pictures. Now he has a personal incomparable and beautiful rare phenomenon. This realization fills all the emptiness that had multiplied inside as far back as yesterday. But that was so long ago and far away. He doesn't need to remember his former self, he's different now. And although he probably still will stumble many times about own forgetfulness, he would try to remember - not even that, he won't going to try, but just take for granted that there is only today, only Now. This simple and clear fact from which our mind is often runs away. Want? - do!, not? - forget about. He knew it, of course. Almost all adults know it. They know so much generally - very much, and often even more. But always there is something on the way - reasons appear. Although to save the breath, to be honest - they simply are, themselves.

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